sound investors who deliver
Fund Overview

  • €100 million plus in aggregate capital commitment
  • First capital call of 30% on the initial closing date
  • Minimum capital commitment is €1 million
  • 2% yearly management fee
  • 20% carried interest with an hurdle rate
  • Unlisted, closed-end investment vehicle, with a term of 5 years
  • The fund managers target a minimum net return of 25% p.a. after 5 years
Type of Financing
  • Co-equity where the risk/return considerations justify it
  • Co-acquisitions of distress properties after careful consideration
  • Co-funding, Senior Loans, Bank Loan guaranty, Bank facility guaranty, Debt Restructuring.
Equity Position
  • Majority stakes in principal
  • €3 – €10 million per investment
  • Single investment not representing more than 15% of the portfolio
Management Involvement
  • Local involvement critical for success
  • High level of due diligence and analysis
  • Hands on influence over Strategy, Finance and Development
Sectors and sub-sectors
  • Real Estate: Construction and Development
  • Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure, Logistics, Offices and Retail
Geographic Focus
  • SEE namely Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia

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