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Fund introduction

The SEE Property Fund is a €100 million plus investment fund designed to take advantage of increasing real estate investment opportunities in the South Eastern Europe (SEE) marketplace

The Fund is an opportunistic fund that provides investors with an exposure to the SEE property market through the acquisition and development of properties in Healthcare, Hospitality, Leisure, Logistic, Office and Retail.

The Fund is structured as a closed-end investment vehicle, with a term of 5 years. The Fund will have buying power of more than €200 million and will seek to achieve gains through co-investment and co-development in property projects.

The Fund co-invests in real estate developments with strong international/local partners having proven track records. The Fund specifically seeks co-developments that benefit from strong demand from international developers, international tenants, international investors and international operators.

The Fund has the following objectives:
  • Be a first mover for foreign investors
  • Create non-correlated investment vehicle
  • Diversify the portfolio through a range of property types
  • Co-invest in the property sector through equity and debt
  • Maximize total return, rental income plus capital appreciation
The Fund is open to investors and will have its initial closing in first quarter of 2009.

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